RJ information

So you're one of those curious people, huh? This is where you'll find what we're up to, where we'll be and where we've been, our finances (as skinny as they are), and who we are.

If you're digging what we're doing here and think you can get the connects and resources to build RadioJustice where you are, contact our administrator and we'll get you going.

You love us! and we love you back. Here's the geeky stuff.

Our first week, a "soft launch" for testing and reaching out, went way past our hopes. First of all, we want to thank the 38 listeners from France and Switzerland. We don't know you, but welcome. And then there were the 238 people who tuned in from the U.S. You listened for 190 hours, and you kept your computer tuned in for an average of 41 minutes. 

A lot of you came back to RadioJustice.org more than once: the average viewer came by 1.8 times. You each checked...

Thanks to everyone for finding us during our soft-launch week. Here at RJLA, we're hoping you like where we're going.

We're taking the weekend off to retool and improve, and we'll be back on Monday at 8:00 with the programs we sampled this week. And we'll be bringing you more shows: