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Reality Is Real with hosts (fill in names here)
Nana Gyumfi, host of (fill in the show title)
The World According to Cynthia McKinney
Sister Charlene Muhammad, host of (fill in show title here)
Junor Frances, host of (fill in show title here)

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In order to fulfill the Radio Justice L.A. Mission of creating and open communications and media hub connecting local organizations and individuals working in their communities to realize a just and equitable society, we must, at all times, honor and work to strengthen the trust placed in us by those communities. To that end, all RadioJustice L.A. staff, management, and contributors are expected to abide by the following guidelines when producing content for this platform.

It is the duty of RadioJustice L.A. to serve as a constructive critic of all segments of society. It should reasonably reflect, both in staffing...

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